Join the SoCal Chapter!

The Mars Society is the world’s largest space advocacy organization dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the planet Mars. The Southern California chapter is an outgrowth of efforts in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to gather together Mars enthusiasts so they can meet each other and work together on projects.

Today we held an organizing teleconference which was very productive and brought together an excellent team of “Martians” to get things going and make progress.  Please join us at some of the upcoming events listed here and on our social media, where many of us will be attending and talking to people about participating in our future activities.  Please attend & promote these events to your networks.

Mars Society SoCal Chapter Re-Formed

The Mars Society’s Los Angeles chapter, founded in 2011, has been re-formed and re-branded to become the Mars Society Southern California.  Our chapter encompasses the Greater Los Angeles area including Pasadena, Orange County, Palm Springs, the High Desert, and the areas between LA and San Diego.  We are respectful of the existing San Diego Space Network which we will coordinate with and received permission from their principal Gerry Williams to use the name “Southern California” in context of a Mars Society chapter.  We also thank Bryan Guzman and Krystal Puga for getting things started in Los Angeles for the Mars Society, and wish them all the best.